look [look]
[ME loken < OE locian, akin to OS lōkōn, OHG luogēn (Ger dial. lugen), to spy after, look for]
1. to make use of the sense of sight; see
a) to direct one's eyes in order to see
b) to direct one's attention mentally upon something
3. to try to see or find something; search
4. to appear to be; seem [to look sick]
5. to be facing or turned in a specified direction
1. to direct one's eyes on [to look someone in the face]
2. to express by one's looks, or appearance [to look one's disgust]
3. Rare to bring to a certain condition by looking
4. to have an appearance that is suitable for or in accord with [the fat actor looked the part; you don't look your age]
5. to expect: with an infinitive object [they look to succeed with our help]
1. the act of looking; glance
2. outward impression; appearance; aspect [the look of a beggar]
3. [pl.] Informal
a) appearance; the way something seems to be [from the looks of things]
b) personal appearance, esp. of a pleasing nature [to have looks and youth]
1. direct your eyes and attention to this; see
2. pay attention
it looks like
1. it seems that there will be [it looks like rain]
2. Informal it seems as if
look after
to take care of; watch over
look alive or look sharp
Informal to be alert; act or move quickly: usually in the imperative
look back
to recall the past; recollect
look down on or look down upon
1. to regard as an inferior
2. to regard with contempt; despise
look for
1. to search or hunt for
2. to expect; anticipate
look forward to
to anticipate, esp. eagerly
look in on or look in
to pay a brief visit (to)
look into
to examine carefully; investigate
look on
1. to be an observer or spectator
2. to consider; regard (as) [they looked on her as a born leader]
look like oneself or look oneself
to appear to be in normal health, spirits, etc.
look out
to be on the watch; be careful
look out for
1. to be wary about
2. to take care of
look over
to examine; inspect
look to
1. to take care of; give attention to
2. to rely upon; resort to
3. to look forward to; expect
look up
1. to search for in a book of reference, etc.
2. Informal to pay a visit to; call on
3. Informal to get better; improve
look up and down
1. to search everywhere
2. to examine with an appraising eye; scrutinize
look upon
to think of (as); consider [to look upon housework as boring]
look up to
to regard with great respect

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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